We are passionate, culturally-driven historians, community advocates, educators and concerned citizens, many of whom have grown up on the East side of Wilmington and attribute much of our personal successes to the knowledge and admiration of those that came before us.

Too often our public school curricula has omitted the contributions and triumphs that African Americans  have traversed on their way to achieving the American Dream.  We believe that our local African American history can become a catalyst for emulation and empowerment for our community today and for generations to come! 




  Dr. James H. Sills, Jr., President

  Rev. Lawrence W. Wright, Vice President

  Ms. Sandra Wright, Secretary

  Mr. LeMar S. Dixon, Treasurer



Mr. Thornton Carroll

  Ms. Cecilia Hoey

  Mr. Gary Hutt

Ms. Alfie Moss

 Ms. Lillian Nichols

Mr. Timothy Robinson

  Ms. Sandra Wright

  Mr. Walter L Harmon

Mr. Harmon R. Carey